Why choose to refinance your car?

When you choose to refinance your current credit agreement not only do you save money but you can reduce your existing car loan rate too. Better yet, if you've recently acquired an improved credit rating and wish to extend the term, your new car loan rate will be noticeably reduced.


Don't settle for a high-interest rate when there's a chance you qualify for a lower rate. Choose to refinance. Choose to save.

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For a lower monthly instalment simply apply to extend your loan or lower your interest rate.

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Get a lower rate and instalment when you finance your residual amount for up to 72 months.

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You can get cash back if your car's market value is higher than your residual balance.

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Refinancing your vehicle will not only reduce your interest rate but you'll save cash with a lower monthly payment too!

With a variety of refinancing options, you are guaranteed to save with Fund My Car.

Reduce your instalments! Simply extend your current loan with Fund my Car for the amount of your outstanding balance.

Get cash back! When you refinance your car with Fund My Car for its current market value, you can still pay the same instalment, only over a longer length of time.

Apply today to see if you qualify, and you could have up to 60 days free to catch up on expenses before your first payment is due. This is the most practical way to save on your car payments and to consolidate your debt.

A Quick Step by Step Guide to Refinancing Your Car

Complete the Form

Simply click the 'get a quote' button below and complete the form.

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Once Fund My Car receives your application you will be sent a vehicle refinance quotation.

Take Note of Your Savings

Upon receiving your quote, compare your new repayment with the old one and take note of how much you save!

Accept and Sign

We will send one of our FAIS accredited agents to you to sign the new agreement, and settle any outstanding amount.

Residual Value


Choose this option if you want to reduce your total contract interest payable by reducing your current residual value.

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Choose this option if you want to reduce your monthly instalment by increasing your current residual value.

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Choose this option if you want to reduce your monthly instalment by increasing your current residual value.

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Choose this option if you do not have a balloon value added to your current agreement. When you refinance your vehicle, Fund My Car will add this residual amount in order to reduce your instalment further.

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Frequently Asked Questions

First and foremost when entering into a new credit agreement with Fund My Car, not only is your existing loan paid off in full (affording you an improved credit rating resulting in a better rate,) but you are guaranteed to save on your monthly instalment, especially if you decide to extend your loan terms for an even lower rate!
While our rates are incredibly competitive, your rate will be dependent on your current credit profile ( the better it is, the better your new rate!) all of which will be sent to you as part of our quotation.
The cash you get back is dependent on a variety of factors such as: the current value of your car, your current settlement and your credit profile.

How Some Of Our Clients Have Benefited

Refinance and Save

In 2011, Juan bought a MERCEDES-BENZ C200 BE AVANTGARDE. His monthly instalment being R6 538. He chose to refinance this vehicle with Fund My Car and for an immediate cash back option. The current market value of his car equalled R 200 000 with a settlement of R60 000. Juan was able to refinance his vehicle for R 200 000 with a 12% interest rate over a 72 month period. His current loan was settled and he received R140 000 cash back. Juan's current instalment over 72 months with 12% interest is R4 200.39.


Randburg, JHB

Adding a Residual

In 2015 James purchased a new VOLKSWAGEN POLO VIVO GP 1.6. This did not include a residual value. James chose to refinance his car with Fund My Car at the current settlement amount of R 180 000, with an interest rate of 12.50% over 72 months. He then added a 25% residual in order to pay a lower instalment. James's new instalment is R 3 566.93, saving him R 567.07 a month!


Durban, KZN

Refinance For Cash Back

Steve owns a 2010 FORD FIGO 1.4 AMBIENTE which he has paid off in full to the amount of R98 000. He chose to refinance his car with Fund My Car for the total amount of R 98 000 in cash. The option he agreed on is R 2 255.69 at an interest rate of 13% over 72 months.


Vorna Valley, Midrand

Our Services Include


Fund My Car executes all finance deals in a concise and hassle-free manner in which both buyer and seller are protected whether you are handling a deceased estate, an individual or company. Choose Fund My Car for a vehicle finance option that assists you from start to finish.


Do you wish to finance and insure a new or used boat, caravan, motorhome, jet ski or bike? The Fund My Car is for you!


With Fund My Car you can buy the new car you've been eyeing for a negotiated monthly payment that suits you! We'll ensure that you receive the lowest interest rate available, as well as assist you with all the necessary documentation and more!